Friday, May 1, 2009

Our new addition

Wehave a new baby!!! No, not a realbaby. On Sunday we went to our friend's "puppy boutique" Bark Avenue, with me in high hopes to come home with something. We did find a little girl to bring home. A 3lb 5 oz Yorkie, and her name is Isabella, or Izzy. She is so cute and Jenny is just in love with her. She is certainly a little girl I can dote on as she is a high maintenance dog. She will only be 7 lbs fully grown and she needs to be brushed and groomed daily. Izzy is a real sweetheart, she is sleeping in my lap right now. Ok, here is Isabella. Born February 6.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The North Pole

We took Evan to the North Pole this weekend, in upstate NY. He had a blast, it really was Santa's workshop. They had 10 reindeer to feed. All the usuals (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen) Plus Rudoulph, who did not have a red nose, and Jingles, who was Cupid's and Comet's baby. Plus we got to go to Santa's house, ride the Candy Cane express, and Santa came to the hotel where we stayed. All in all a great trip. Here are some pics so you can see how much fun we had.
Here is Evan feeding Rudoulph...notice no red nose here!! hungry he was eating the bars to his stall!! He was so sweet he loved when you pet him!

Us visiting with Santa when he was at the hotel. Notice what Evan was intrested in..

Again, with Santa. When Santa was all covered in soot from a play that they did. Evan told him he was "filthy" and needed a shower.

Evan's face when he first saw Santa come in.

Evan's favorite ride...

With Grandma and Pop...

Us, overlooking Santa's vilage.

Santa's village.

Evan and Dancer smiling together!

Evan and Mommy playing in the snow!

Us at the "North Pole"

Visiting Santa in his house.

Santa's house.

Grandma and Pop at the "North Pole"

The North Pole Post Office.

Just waking up..and coloring in bed!

Just getting to the hotel, and finding a HUGE bag of gifts in his room!
More pics to come when Mark posts, he is so moody about what pictures of him go on here!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Santa.....take two!

Yesturday we took Evan to see the Santa at the Ocean County mall, they have a REALLY good Santa, and Evan loved him. Santa spent about 10 minutes with Evan talking, and such, and when Evan left he said "Merry Christmas Santa" it was ssssoooo cute! Its so nice to see that he really enjoys the holidays and has the "Christmas Spirit" just like Mommy! Ok, so here is the pic from yesturday..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Evan Loves Neimans!

Well, not the store, yet! Thats Mommy! The Cookies! We decided to make Neiman Marcus cookies the other night, as Evan's first "real cookie making" experiance. He was good, he put in all the ingrediants, stirred, and help put them on the sheets, and ofcourse ate them! Here are some pics...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Start of the Christmas Season (or Santa season here)

Well, if you know Evan, than you would know that Evan LOVES Christmas. Not neccessarily the presants (because it took him a week to open them all last year!) but more the spirit of Christmas, and the things involved in the holiday season. Santa, reindeer, Christmas decorations, and lots of Christmas movies! So, this year we have lots of activities booked for him, to make the most of the season. The North Pole family weekend, The Santa express train ride, and the Polar Express ride are some of them.

Today, we got to visit our first Santa, at a nearby mall. And here is the picture. I am sure we will meet 10 more Santas before the season is up, but here is the first of many.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Labor Day in Pt. Plesant

Yeah, I know, Labor Day was almost a week ago, but I got around to posting. We took Evan to Jenkinson's Aquarium, and to the boardwalk to ride the rides. We went with Aunt Becky (my sister) and we had fun. Evan loves the seals and the penguins at the aquarium, and ofcourse he loves the sharks! Here are some pics....
Mark and Evan

Evan and me.

Evan as a Seal

Evan being a "Ham" Again!!

Us, at the aquarium.

Evan and Mark, going down the boardwalk (notice the matching Mickey shirts!)

Evan and Aunt Becky going on the "choo choo" Train.

Evan and me chilling on the way home.

Promise to post more this weekend, as we have alot going usual!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our "Fairy tale"

Well, after all those kind words from Mark, I thought I would take a minute to tell you all our "fairy tale" romance, or more like our "whirlwind" romance, wedding, and pregnancy. Mark and I met in April 2005, we were ssssooo happy!

We soon settled into a routine with each other,and we went out and got our chocolate lab, Jenny.

And then one day, and after only about 3 months, we heard these words. "Congratulations, you are going to have a baby!"Yep. And Oh, boy, we were in for the ride of our lives. After a horrible, and what seemed like a very long pregnancy, complete with lots of puking, cravings, and 4 pre-term labor trips, and 2 false labor trips to the hospital, that part of our journey came to an end. On a sunny day in February, Evan was born at 2:16 PM weighing in a 7lbs 2oz. He was perfect. (still is!) But we had no idea. And that brings me to how he obtained the name, Mr. Fussypants. Evan was a saint in the hospital, a champ eater, sleeper, and not a cry baby. That was, until he got home. Evan had colic and we saw this face for about 3-4 months, day in and day out.

NO eating, no sleeping, and that was for EVERYONE! Needless to say, we needed something to help us keep our sanity. That is when we thought of calling him "Mr. Fussypants" it was something cute to say, to keep us from getting upset and frustrated with our extremely cranky baby. And it worked. We made songs up, and to this day, when he is crabby, (and he gets that way, he takes after Daddy!) we still refer to him as Mr. Fussypants.